I Promise

Standing before the broken elevator I quickly go over the escape plan in my head one more time. We found it on some forums on the internet written by those who had made it out. It was risky to blindly follow instructions when we haven’t first staked out the route. I pause to wipe sweat…

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Under The Dark Veil

It seemed late to go to the market but there was no time during the day. We had a big dinner to prepare for and couldn’t put it off any longer. We had invited both of our families to come to our new house tomorrow night and had foolishly said that no one should bring…

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Chad’s Background – 10 years old

Chad is the main character of the novel I’m writing. This is his background details, in 1995 at 10 years old. Chad grew up an only child in a one parent household. His dad left before he could remember, his mother told him he was two at the time. Chad’s mom worked long hours which…

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