Birth Day

Alice gives birth to a beautiful baby girl on November 17th, 2025. She decides to name her Ella after her mother but that name is already taken. Her vHeadset prompts her with suggestions and she chooses at random from the list.


A computerized voice materializes in her head ” Chosen name: ella1725, say yes to confirm.”


“Yes” Alice says the word in a distracted way. She just wants a minute alone to cherish this moment alone with her first born child.


The voice continues “ella1725’s profile has been created. Alice added as mother. Suggest friends?”


“No.” She let’s her fingers trace down Ella’s arm to her tiny but perfect hand. Ella immediately starts making a grabbing motion and Alice smiles as she lets her finger be squeezed by her daughter.


“View ella1725’s profile?” The voice does not wait for a response and Alice’s vision of her child is replaced by Ella’s new profile page. Her status reads simply “Birth Day”. There are already hundreds of relatives responses and friend requests. Alice blinks twice to exit the view.


The voice quiets and she is left in peace to count all of Ella’s fingers and toes. She hears footsteps running towards the door, an instant later John enters looking disheveled and overwhelmed.


“Sorry, I was in a dead zone. I didn’t get the notification in time.” He hurries to the bed where his wife and new daughter are waiting. “Have you already created a name?”


The computerized voice interrupts John and is heard by both parents “Paternity confirmed. John added as father. Suggest friends?”


“No.” Alice turns towards John, holding the baby out for him to take. “Yes, I’ve named her Ella after my mother.”


As John holds Ella for the first time his vHeadset pulls up her profile page. “ella1725! What! You couldn’t do any better than that?”


“It’s just Ella! She will be Ella to us.” Alice begins to tear up, she turns her head away so that John can’t see.


“It’s not just Ella though, she is officially ella1725, that is what she will be called for the rest of her life. Good job, Alice.” John’s face starts turning red with anger.


“Blood pressure is elevated. Sedative has been administered.” The computer voice informs John privately.


John cuddles with Ella as he reads through all the responses on her Birth Day status. He takes the time to personally like and thank each person who has written in.




Copyright 12/07/2015 – Birth Day by Kerry Milauskas