Chad’s Background – 10 years old

Chad is the main character of the novel I’m writing. This is his background details, in 1995 at 10 years old.

Chad grew up an only child in a one parent household. His dad left before he could remember, his mother told him he was two at the time. Chad’s mom worked long hours which meant that Chad had to basically care for himself. He would come home from school and clean up the house before his mom came home to cook dinner. After eating dinner together his mother would be off to her second job while Chad did his homework.

Chad didn’t have many friends and spent a lot of his time reading books and writing his won stories. When other kids at school would invite him over he usually couldn’t go due to him mother’s hectic schedule. It’s not that the other kids didn’t like him, he just couldn’t spend the time with them that was needed in order to develop close friendships.

Living life this way never really bothered Chad. It was necessary. He loved his mother dearly and didn’t want to add stress to her life by complaining about all his time spent alone. It wasn’t bad as long has he had a book to read and a notepad to write in. Most days he didn’t even think about the fact that he only ever saw other kids his age when he was at school.

Chad’s mother’s name is Susan. She works during the day as a paralegal and has a night shift at a local bar as a waitress. She has almost no free time to spend with her child never mind anytime for herself. She needs to make money so that they can afford to rent the house that they have been living in for the past few years. There are other cheaper places to live in the city but she does not want to take Chad out of school and away from his friends.

Susan had originally chosen this neighborhood because it was closest to the best school in the district. Things were a little easier then because Chad’s father David was paying child support at the time. That didn’t last long. David has been missing in action for a couple of years now. David was never really a part of the family after he left Susan when chad was just a toddler. He didn’t call, didn’t come over, didn’t do anything a dad would do. She wasn’t surprised when the checks stopped coming in.

With every paycheck Susan sits down and balances her checkbook making sure to budget where every penny will go so that Chad will never know the every day struggle that it was to keep them under a roof and fed. She always buys herself a bottle of wine and Chad a new book in celebration of a successful work week and a full paycheck. When the week doesn’t go as planned and her check is short of her expectations she buys a bottle of wine to drown her sorrows. Chad never notices the difference.


Copyright 09/21/2015 – Chad at age 10 by Kerry Milauskas