Chad’s Background Story – 20 years old – 2005

The death of his mom hit Chad really hard. She had spent her whole life sacrificing her time and energy to make sure he would have a roof over his head and plenty to eat. She had basically worked herself to death. Chad hadn’t seen it coming, one minute she was there and the next she was gone.

Chad immediately moved out of his childhood home and got a studio apartment close to his job at a second hand bookstore. The bookstore he worked at was very small and didn’t have a lot of daily customers. Sometimes it would be days before anyone would come in to browse the dusty shelves. Chad loved the peace and quiet. It gave him time to read and write his own stories.

At the end of each work day Chad would go home to his apartment and have dinner in front of his computer. He had become hooked on some writing forums he had found and spent every minute of his free time on them writing short articles and debating with other writers. He quickly became friends with a writer that went by the name of “Lancaster”. The seemed to be on at the same time of day and naturally grouped up into a collaboration team.

Chad also managed to recruit a few other excellent writers to join them and they started up on a novel project. It was so much easier to make friends online then it was in person and Chad thrived in this online community. He had started the collaboration group and set up the project they were working on. He considered himself the leader but Lancaster started to slowly move in on his authority. It was small things at first, maybe a comment or not following the rules of the group. It wasn’t anything big but Chad had a sinking feeling that this was just the start of some kind of take over.

One day Chad got online and no one was in the group he had created for the novel project. It was the specified time but no one was there. He looked at the list of members that were online. His group was on the list, where were they? He sent Lancaster a private message to ask why he wasn’t in the group discussion. Lancaster sent him a message back saying that the group decided on going in another direction and that Chad wouldn’t be asked to join.

Chad was so angry with this turn of events. He immediately closed his browser with tears in his eyes and slammed his fists on the desk in front of him. Lancaster had just taken all of his friends away from him and had done it in a publicly humiliating way.


Copyright 09/29/2015 – Chad at age 20 by Kerry Milauskas