Just one moment in time

The sleigh arrived promptly at dawn. The driver pounded impatiently on the door as I tied a blue scarf around my head to keep warm. I take one last look out the window before heading through the large house to the door. It’s still snowing. That was the problem, it has been snowing for days now, which wouldn’t be that unexpected in the proper season, but it is well into the growing season and the town folk are in a state of panic. That is why they have called on me.


“No need to beat the door in!” I call out as I reach for the door handle. The driver stands back as I swing open the heavy oak. He crudely looks me up and down and tries to hide a smirk. “My bags are just inside.”


“My lady, that is not proper attire for this trip. You will most certainly catch your death without a woolen cloak.” He stoops past the doorway and picks up the heaviest package first.


I ignore his comment and walk over to the magnificent white horse that will pull us today. “Aww, there, there… I have something for you my friend.” I pull out a sugar cube that I had tied into my sash and feed it to the beautiful creature. He gently takes it from my hand with his mouth as I pet his coat.


The driver has finished piling the packages onto the sleigh. I take one more glance at the house I have called my home for over a decade now. Depending on how tonight goes I might not make it back. I take the driver’s hand and allow him to pull me up into the carriage. There is barely any room to move but I manage to squeeze into the seat next to my gifts.
The sleigh bells gently ring as the sleigh is pulled forward. The sound of it has a meditative and healing quality. I allow myself to rest my eyes and sink into my thoughts. Have I brought enough for everyone? Can we survive this? Will they ever allow me to go home? I push the questions out of my head and concentrate on positive thoughts of the future instead. This is just one moment in time, the rest is yet to come.



Copyright 2/24/2016 – Just one moment in time by Kerry Milauskas