Outside The Door

I’m sitting with Mrs. Maru in her sun porch. I had nothing to offer but lemons upon visiting and she had offered me lemonade. The sun porch was an enclosed room that had floor to ceiling screened windows to allow for a nice breeze while keeping the pests out. It was gorgeous weather for this time of year so we sat drinking our lemonade and chatting about climate change. I smoked as we talked and Mrs. Maru fiddled with some yarn that was balled up on the table.

As we sit talking I notice that Mr. Maru is outside the door. He is just standing there staring in at us in a very blank and unusual way. Even though we are only a few feet away he does not offer a greeting but instead stands silent. Like a statue he doesn’t make a move to enter the porch. I’m caught in his gaze frozen in place unable or unwilling to speak myself while looking at this strange sight. Mrs. Maru has been sitting with her back to the door but she notices that I have become quiet and follows my eyes looking behind her.

Mrs. Maru immediately becomes panicked and jumps up from her seat at the table. She doesn’t speak a word but slaps her hand repeatedly at the window. Mr. Maru looks at her but still makes no move to enter or to speak. Mrs. Maru moves to another window and repeats the slapping in a more aggressive way. Her eyes flick to the right and to the left considering her next move. Finally she meets her husbands eyes and her whole body tenses. She begins to shuffle her feet, she looks like she might jump through the window.

I’ve been watching this spectacle in silence, confused by this strange behavior. I snap myself out of it and jump up to open the door. Mrs. Maru rushes by me with a force so strong that she almost knocks me over. I’m teetering on my feet as she lunges at Mr. Maru and begins to attack him, brutally hitting him upon his face and head. Mr. Maru doesn’t hit back and doesn’t even appear to be defending himself.

I regain my balance and run out to break up the fight. With the door to my back I push Mrs. Maru away, when I’m sure she will stop moving forward I turn back but Mr. Maru is gone. He must have run away, but to where? He is no where to be seen.

“Mr. Maru? Mr. Maru?” I call out.

“What is this commotion all about?” A sleepy voice calls from inside. It’s Mr. Maru! But there is no way he could have gotten by me to get inside the house.

I look at Mrs. Maru questioningly. She turns away with hatred in her eyes and scans the outside perimeter.


Copyright 10/09/2015 – Outside The Door by Kerry Milauskas