Under The Dark Veil

It seemed late to go to the market but there was no time during the day. We had a big dinner to prepare for and couldn’t put it off any longer. We had invited both of our families to come to our new house tomorrow night and had foolishly said that no one should bring anything. You parked the car further than necessary from the door saying that it would do us good to get a little exercise. The warmth of the day had died down to a comfortable briskness and I didn’t mind taking a little extra time before going through the doors.

You seem lost in thought as we make our way across the large parking lot. I glance up at the sky and see the most beautiful sight! The sky is pitch black and the stars are the brightest I’ve seen them with no moon or clouds to take away from their glow. As I stared in wonder it was as if I could see every constellation. They were crystal clear like a child had drawn an outline around them to make them more prominent. I couldn’t bear to view this alone so I pull you from your thoughts of what we are making for dinner. You look up thoughtfully like you are trying to determine the meaning of life.

We are both attentive as a yellow craft is slowly entering our field of vision. I say craft but I’m not exactly sure what it is. I’ve never seen anything like it in life or in the movies. It’s not a ship or plane or satellite. All I know is that it is yellow, but a diluted yellow, like if you would put a dark veil on top of it to camouflage it from plain sight. We are frozen in the place watching as the craft seems to get larger and faster all at once. It is not making a straight line towards us but it is tumbling in the sky. It is falling, faster and faster directly towards the market in front of us.

It is a direct hit and explodes at once. We are far enough away from the building to not be affected by the first blast. The booming sound wakes me from my daze and I grab you by the hand. We run back towards the car away from the mayhem we just narrowly avoided. The air was becoming hot, burning my skin and lungs, drying out my eyes. We are only steps from the safety of the car when the air itself explodes.


Copyright 09/22/2015 – Under The Dark Veil by Kerry Milauskas